Julien Thiverny
Julien depicts unique universes. Formerly trained as a photographer director, he shows a great sensitivity to the art of capturing images. Every detail is used to bring up emotions as Julien plays with the sound and editing work on videos to create original content. (He is, certainly, a multitasking director to follow up very closely).
Arnaud Ele
Arnaud Ele is a French-Swiss-Cameroonese director and photographer. He studied filmmaking at the Geneva Film School. He defends the view of the human eye as a method of recording and intimacy as a mode of description. His work is the continuity of his training as a filmmaker: the intuitive scenario of the image, the exploration of new narrative forms representing the moment with veracity.
Thomas Cazeaux
Thomas is a director whose profile, background and abilities remind us of the masters of the last century. A pure director: both an ambitious director and a savvy technician. His films depict an authentic painting of society and a particular sense of aesthetics, with the idea of respecting the theme kept in mind. For Thomas the message of the content prevails over everything, the form will then sublimate the subject.
Virgile Gesbert
Experimentation is at the core of Virgile’s work: Machines, appartus and formats, camera techniques, editing styles and subjects. He elaborates vivid and complexe mixtures, always yearning for novelty. His work can take the form of documentaries, music videos, fictions, photographies : Virgile does not set boundaries to his work. The movement always comes first as an urban and rhythmic poetry with a slight touch of risk.
Lucie Baudin
Lucie Baudin has been wandering across continents since she was 19, which has drawn her inspiration from the characters, tales and perspectives she altogether. Since she finished her filmmaking studies in California, she has been living in Paris where she explores frontiers between narrative fictions and visual experiences.
Ricardo Garcia
Luis Ricardo Garcia Lara, studied Communication and Cinema in 2002. At the same time he wrote short stories and he played a punk band in Mexico City. In 2006 he moved to Paris and studied Philosophy at La Sorbonne in 2008. In 2010 he published a collection of short stories « Y clasificarlas para las llamas ». In 2017 he filmed « Grund » and « Atlas », a diptych about "The death of man ».
Julien Giami
Julien Giami is a special effects filmmaker. After being a VFX supervisor on feature films, advertising and music clips, he uses his skills to create a visual reality from make-believe elements. Special effects must appear as real as possible to anchor fiction in reality.
Clara Ziegler is a French director and photographer.
Following her training at a photographic laboratory, she soon began working in film direction on set.
Her images are architecturally structured, thought almost as a painting. Her point of view is always expressing a vivid emotion that translates in clear and linear forms. The versality of her camera movements provides an authentic feminine approach to her work.


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